Chloe Ludlow on to pastures new



Wishing our gorgeous Chloe all the best in her future career as she flees the nest onto pastures new.

We received such a lovely email from Chloe & her 1st mum (below) and felt we just had to share it and keep it forever as a reminder of what we love most about this job.

Chloe is the perfect example of how an artist should be…gracious, confident, polite and a happy soul. A credit to her lovely mum and a great role model for those following in her footsteps.

Missing you already honey…. I cried reading the email and writing this 🙁

Good luck in everything you do, from your 2nd family (all the staff at Bizzykidz)


Dear Debi

I hope you are well

Writing this email makes me very sad but I hope you understand our reasons for making this decision.

Next month Chloe leaves college and will be starting full time work with her current company in the interim to finding her dream job.  She feels that continuing with Bizzykidz will be extremely difficult as time off for castings and jobs would be too hard, making your job difficult too.

I have emailed the parent dept as official notification but we both wanted to thank you personally for the fantastic opportunities that being with the agency for 7 years has given Chlo.  The numerous castings and jobs have given her the people skills and confidence to pursue her dream career in fashion.   You personally have been amazing and made Chloe feel a real part of the BK family, you truly are an advocate to the industry.

We look forward to seeing the remaining episodes of the documentary as I am sure this will emulate our experience of Bizzykidz.

Thank you so much and good luck with everything.

With Love

Mandi & Chloe Ludlow