Bizzykidz TV Show – The Tiny Tots Talent Agency – Ch4

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Following over a year of filming, we are proud to announce the much awaited transmission dates of our TV show!
The title is “The Tiny Tots Talent Agency’ with the 1st episode airing on Tuesday 19th April, Channel 4 at 8pm.They are 1 hour programmes and on every week for 4 weeks!!

Look out for some familiar faces you may recognise from our Twitter, Instagram, Blog & Facebook pages..Its brilliant and every episode has been respectful, supportive and promoting to the kids, parents and industry. We couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved.

Huge thanks to the crew at Two Four, who were not only amazing but have become personal friends. We’re missing them already 🙁
Watch out for the trailers showing on CH4 soon and media/press interviews for the show….all very excitint indeed

I’m sure you will forgive us for not adding to our blog in recent months, it’s been rather hectic here, but you can catch up with all the exciting news and gossip on our Twitter feed daily @bizzykidzagency

We hope you enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed making it.

Bexley Awards 2016 Finalist Logo


And don’t ask us how we managed to fit this in, but we were also nominated as Bexley Business Excellence Awards finalists 2016 for two categories in March…another cause for a celebration of course!

What a year…and its only April!! Bizzykidz Agency could not be more proud of all our staff, kids and parents.
Thanks guys 🙂