Disney Princess TV Commercial – Kaitlyn Hilson



On Monday 25th January we set the alarm for 5am. We got up and dressed all ready to go to Kaitlyn’s Princess shoot. We allowed two hours due to the M25 but it only took an hour so when we arrived we had some breakfast in the car while we waited excitedly!
At 7.30 we went inside and Kaitlyn was called straight to wardrobe and then to have her hair and make up done. She was so excited and loved her hair and clothes. She was first on set and after all the introductions it was time to get started. Everybody was so nice and Kaitlyn did exactly what was asked so she was done fairly quickly. We were then straight back to wardrobe for a change of clothes and a different hair style before heading back on set a few hours later for the second part of the shoot. The Director was really pleased with her and said she follows direction brilliantly. She was allowed to keep the shoes she wore and was given two princess dolls to keep (the same two as she had been dressed as). She was over the moon and didn’t want to leave. An absolutely brilliant day that she will never forget. Looking forward to seeing the finished advert 🙂