Online Filming Shoot – Gabriel Carey

Gabriel’s first shoot for Bizzykidz couldn’t have gone more smoothly, Dawnie was great at explaining what we needed to do before we went as I had several questions (this being Gabriel’s first assignment). At the appointed time a car arrived to pick us up and take us to set, which was very exciting for Gabriel. When we arrived we were welcomed and taken straight to set for Gabe to settle in and meet his on screen ‘parents’.

We were taking part in a online shoot about using smart phones and tablets.

We were given all the time we needed for Gabriel to get to know the cast and crew and the family dog! Everyone was so kind and patient, all of the nerves that I had before getting to set disappeared immediately. We were only kept on location a minimal amount of time as the director was very understanding of the needs and attention span of small children. The shoot was all wrapped up before we knew we had even done anything.

A car was arranged to take us home and delivered us safely back within four hours. What an amazing experience, Gabriel had a wonderful day and the whole experience has really put me at ease with regard to any future work Gabe may be offered (fingers crossed).