Amnesty International – Sophie Mulhall


Sophie says she had a brilliant time! Everyone was very nice and kind to her ! She loved every minute of it ! She wishes she could do it all over again ! It was a great experience that she can’t wait to repeat !!!


Save The Children Campaign – Samuel Pickering


We went down to London on Wednesday morning to film an advert for Save the Children. When we got there I got to meet everyone including my on screen mum Nina who is really nice. I had my hair and makeup done by Claire and then we started filming. I had to run down the stairs of the house really fast lots of times and they used a really cool smoke machine to get the lighting right. I was there for two days and had a brilliant time. By the second day I knew everyone really well and had some good chats with them. Lots of people played table football with me and my mum fed me lots of chocolate biscuits. It was hard work and I had to do each scene a lot of times but it was brilliant fun and I can’t wait to see it! Thank you Bizzykidz.

I’ve attached some pictures below for you to see. The excited boy on the train down to London, a break in the sun in the garden of the shoot, shooting some pack shots (note the Top Trumps cards carefully laid out by Sam on the side table!), hair and makeup which he seemd to enjoy the most! & shooting with Nina his fantastic on screen mum!

Best wishes,
Helen x

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