I would just like to thank Bizzykidz for my sons first photo shoot with a well know client, Dawn made the process so easy for myself and my son and the day was very organised and the client was so friendly and helpful my son felt very much at ease and was not made to do anything he did not want to do. I would definitly recommend Bizzykidz to all my friends and colleages, thanks once again Dawn x



I scooped Sydney out of bed at 7am, poor little thing didn’t know what was happening. I left early in case of traffic to get Sydney to her first shoot on time.  once we stopped for breakfast on the m25 services, she was more awake and really excited about having her picture taken, once I said she would probably be playing with toys she told me to hurry up and get back in the car!

When we arrived the clients and staff all made us feel really welcome. she loved being dressed and having her hair tidied! Sydney was a little overwhelmed when we went onto the set, but once she found out the photographer had worked with one direction she was more than happy to pose whilst playing with the toys, especially as they let mummy plug her phone into the speakers to play one directions songs over and over again…after about 30 minutes of shooting they had all they needed and we were free to go…Sydney wanted to stay and play with some of the other toys but I finally convinced her it was time to go with the promise of one direction stickers.  thank you BizzyKidz for getting Sydney her first shoot, it was a great day out and hopefully this is the first of many great days out for us.



Daisy’s shoot was a lot of fun. When we got there (after a very long journey) we were greeted by another Bizzykidz Mum and Daughter which made it really friendly.
The shoot was great – it couldn’t have been better for Daisy ! Musical instruments ! Brilliant ! She got to play the drums, jump with a guitar and mess about with keyboards. The photographer was really skilled as were the production team. The shoot was over in no time – we could have stayed all day.
Daisy loved it – Thanks