Look who’s spotted themselves at a hospital! This is part of a national campaign filmed at Bizzy Studios with the life size model appearing in the wards…

Looking good Elisha!




CHANNEL 5 PROMO – Grace Gallagher

Yet another fab job secured by our Bizzykidz Agency…great stuff!
Thanks for taking the time to send feedback parents….x
Grace had a wonderful time on set for the channel 5 on demand promo, everyone there was really lovely and she quickly settled in to her role with her ‘brother’ Ollie on set to wake up there very comical ‘Dad’ who had them both smiling and laughing through-out the shoot.
Being her first tv shoot I was so impressed with how well Grace took direction and she really took it all in her stride.
Going to be one very proud mummy when we see her pop up on the telly.
Thanks Bizzykidz great day had by all J