So satisfying to see that the many many hours of hard work that has been put into making our agency the best is proving worthwhile!

Our photographers, Debi & Daniella along with our tutors Katie & Adam, have done a fantastic job with our kids in obtaining the comprehensive assessments of our children needed so that the agency ‘knows’ all of our children and what they are capable of, or not!

Although parents are happy to be getting constant auditions, primarily a good agencies aim is to get work for their children, not auditions which cost the agency money and of course the parent. By knowing our children better than any other agency out there we have been able to send only those we are confident will perform on the day and not just any old face because they fit the bill with the right hair colour, or age!

Those of you who follow our Facebook page and Twitter will recognise already that there is very little work escaping us right now;  not just client briefs that come in, but actual jobs secured. Indeed most, if not all commercial work comes through our agency doors, giving our children some amazing opportunities and experiences.

Our working slogan is ‘We would rather have 100 parents moan about not getting auditions than 1 client moan about our children and agency – ultimately never using us again’…. which means that only those that are right for the job will be submitted to our clients. By following this to the letter we are still running on a 98% strike rate with submissions AND work this year i.e. 98% of jobs submitted for at least one of our kids is being selected and of all auditions our kids have attended some 98% of those auditions have secured a job for at least 1 of our children. This is one hell of an achievement and is testimony to the way we work and the confidence our clients have in our agency and children.

Yesterdays message from a very large client of ours was one that made us sit back with pride:

“WOW! Bizzykidz are amazing….your children were incredible, even the client said they are sad they can’t choose more than one as your children shined through the casting’

Makes it all worth while doesn’t it 🙂

Thanks kidz and thanks to the Bizzy team, you’re the best!








Lovely to see one of our dads involved this time with SMA and there little one! Makes a change from mum always being involved and what fantastic models they both made too! Very well done Sebastien M and daddy Martin