After I messaged saying I didnt think he would get to film (HMX Media job) because of the torrential rain, it all went really well.

We all broke for lunch, early before 12. He sat with the producer, directors etc and chatted with them and shared pizza.
The rain eased and it was all systems go to get him on set. You would have been so proud as he shot, still in the rain, with hair and make up flying over after every cut to dry him off. They gave him hot water bottles and heat lamps to keep him warm and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and fid exactly as they asked with gusto and great enthusiasm.
They were so pleased with him and said how lovely his manners were and how confident and well he chatted with the directors between takes, in the tent.
They did shots with him also, with loads  of gumballs coming down and he carried on till about  5:30 and when it wrapped gave him a huge bag of gumballs and got to keep his clothes.
He had an amazing day and was made to feel really special and I was so proud of his positive attitude and constant enthusiasm,  despite the rotten weather… The client seemed really pleased, they said he was great, so it turned out to be a wonderful day.
I have attached a little shot for you guys to see him on set with the director.
Thank guys,
Estelle xxx