Modelling Scams…Don’t get caught out!

Here is the link to the recent show on BBC’s Rogue Traders programme.
We receive over 10 calls a day from parents who have fallen victim to these companies and paid 100’s and sometimes 1000’s of pounds for useless portfolios. We would like to issue a further word of warning.
Regardless of what these companies sell you, you do not need a professional portfolio taken under any circumstances to apply to a model agency. Any reputable agency will want to test you themselves and either take them for you at the agency, or direct you to a studio they recommend.
On the show, aired on 16th November 2016, the BBC exposed the photographic company Kube Studios, also trading as Luxe Models & The Model Factory, using images taken to pressurising young hopefuls into paying up to £2000 for professional images, websites & model cards.
Debi Clark, our agency Director explains, there is absolutely no need whatsoever for any aspiring model to require professional images to apply to an agency. All agencies will accept snapshots for an application and any reputable company will want to meet a new face before signing them and will arrange for them to be tested under camera in-house, or with a studio they personally recommend. This is all arranged once they have agreed to take them on the books, meaning that this ‘layer’ that these unscrupulous companies have created is completely useless.
Please do be aware of companies such as these, and also remember that there are many more trading under other similar names with the word ‘Model’ in their title!
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