Kwik Fit TV Commercial Voiceover – Emily Wood

When Emily went to London to record the voice-over for the Kwik Fit TV Commercial she had recently filmed, everyone made her feel so welcome and special.

I went with Emily into the recording booth and we both had to wear headphones so we could hear the sound engineer outside. Emily had already learnt the lines and after a couple of initial recordings she was asked to change the wording slightly, and sometimes how she said each sentence, or read from a different starting point. Emily took it all in her stride and did so well. We were all done within about 30 minutes, and we also got to see and hear the completed advert. How lovely that Emily could immediately see the result of everyone’s hard work, and her involvement.

We then spent the rest of the day having a wonderful time visiting the Natural History Museum, and eating Noodles for late lunch!

Thank you again for another fantastic experience.

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