HALIFAX – Lochan Cash


We arrived in London on Thursday night to a lovely, comfy hotel room. We really felt like we were bring looked after and pampered! Friday morning we got up early and grabbed a quick breakfast on our way to base unit but we shouldn’t have worried as there was cooked breakfast ready for us when we arrived!

We all hopped onto the minibus to be taken to location and I got to meet the other children who I would be spending the day with. They were all so nice and friendly and, those with more experience really helped the rest of us feel at ease and know what to expect.

It was a long day with quite a bit of waiting around but it was really fun on set and, hopefully, the scenes I did will make it into the final cut. When we weren’t filming, there was a comfy place for us all to wait and there was a lovely lady called Sharon who was chaperoning two of the children. She thought of games for us to play and brought loom bands for us all to make.

The wardrobe lady was VERY insistant that we kept our white karate suits clean of course, so we were all given plastic rain macs to cover up while we were eating. We looked a bit silly but we didn’t mind as we all wore them.

All in all, we had a fantastic day, we were really well looked after and even got dropped off at the tube with directions of how to get back to the coach station. I felt like a star, everyone was just so lovely. Even when I got a headache, the nurse looked after me and checked up on me through the day.

So that was my first job with BizzyKidz and all I want to know now is, When can I do more???!!!!
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Russel Howards Good News – Lexie Main

We are back had a good day very quick shoot but was thoroughly enjoyable. I was even standing right next to Russell Howard. He is a lovely man and shook my hand afterwards and had a picture took with Lexie. He said how good she was. I have attached the pictures with Russell Howard but not sure if you can show it or not. There are a few other pictures one outside the studios one in hair and makeup and  a couple in the Green Room.
I have attached job sheet as well

Thanks for a great experience for both of us

Tracy x






Russel Howards Good News – Lydia Ward

Lydia had a brilliant shoot today with the Russell Howard Good News team. She was given a couple of lines & a couple of actions to do & they managed to shoot it all within 10 minutes! They seemed very happy with her which is always a good sign!! She met Russell & he was really lovely.  Thanks so much BizzyKidz for another fun day!








I attended a fab shoot recently where it’s every kids dream to dress up. I initially dressed as a toy soldier for morph suits then was told too put on these fab t shirts by Digital dudz where u insert your phone in the t shirts for a moving effect. I loved every minute of it and begged mum to buy some of them for me for Halloween.

Thanks bk

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London Stills Shoot – Ruby T and Kristy S

Check out our gorgeous girlies having loads of fun in London for their shoot! Looking good kids!

A little note from Kristy’s mum: “Just to let you know Kristy had a fantastic shoot yesterday.  They were sooooo nice and both girls had a lot of fun and now best friends.
Here is a photo of Kristy enjoying her day.”

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