Stills Shoot

For a worldwide detergent brand, which can’t be named until released!

Hi Bizzy Kidz,
Wow…what a great day! It began very early with hair & make-up and a quick breakfast followed by lots of fun photos in so many different places. I was able to do nature painting, gardening, cooking and even tried my hand at Paper Mache! Everyone was super nice and very helpful. Can’t wait till Thursday to do it all again.

Huge thank you Bizzy Kidz!


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Clarks – Ethan Pepra-Ameyaw

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 20.41.22

Was incredibly proud to see My son, Ethan Pepra-Ameyaw, on the Clarks website today modelling the Autumn/Winter Baby Halo Navy Pram shoes. A nice little feature in the video too :). Thank you BIzzyKidz



DOGS TRUST – Pedro Feitor


Pedro had one of the best experiences of his life, working alongside with a awesome and very professional team. He enjoyed every second of it, and every little detail.
After almost 5 hours of consecutive shooting he said he could do it for much longer and he would be thrilled if he could do it every single day!!!

I was very happily surprised of the way he coped so well with the high demand that this kind of work involves.

We’re both definitely looking forward for more opportunities like this.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Best regards

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