Disney Channel It’s My Friday – Margaret Perryman


Thank you so much for today margaret had so much fun on her shoot for it’s my friday we were up at 5am to travel to London to arrive early.  It’s been a long day but margaret loved every minute of
the day thank you for the experience.
Kind regards mrs perryman xx



CHEATAHS MUSIC VIDEO – Jessica Rose and Milan Ly

Great stuff girls! Lovely to see the end result on this.



Unilever – Oliver Nash and Wade Hemingway


Hi Guys

Just a few lines to tell you about Ollie’s shoot on Friday. Another fantastic day the crew and cast were really great especially meeting his new brother Wade. A bit chilly as it was an outside shoot but they let Ollie jump in the clients car during takes and munched on Dominos pizza which happened to be opposite the shoot lol. Ollie enjoyed having another new Mum and Dad even sitting up on his Dad’s shoulders even though he said he was scared of heights bless him. Great feedback from the director saying he’d got some great shots. Once again thanks BK Ollie has definitely had a good year and it’s thanks to your fantastic team All our love Denise & Ollie xxx



BARCLAYS-Daniel Hill


After an early start at 8.15 and 4.45 finish we have had a fantastic day filming bumping into old faces of production and make up Daniel has worked with in the past.

The original wrap time turned out too be an extensive one and production at the end asking me if he could stay a bit longer. The producer even came out saying he is such a brill little man full of character and enthusiasm. He scored the highest out of all the kids on the tests they set them. He did get tired at 3 but perservered until the end.

He made a little mate as well and made some of the parents giggle with his banter.

They have a second day of filming tomorrow but loved what they had so far.

Thank you from Daniel for a fab shoot xxx



ITV Mel and Sue look-a-like shoot – Amelia Kettle

This was Amelia’s first time filming, so we didn’t know what to expect.
We arrived and were shown to our own green room and offered food and drinks, the staff were so welcoming and great with Amelia.

Amelia was playing mini Mel in the opening titles for the new Mel and sue show starting in January on itv. Amelia met mini sue and they got on great and played really well together, we also got a smile and hello from the real Mel and sue!!

Amelia had her hair done and her clothes came from wardrobe ready for filming.

The filming crew were really great with Amelia and she followed all the directions and did her very best and her day was topped off with a bowl of ice cream.

Fab day, great production company and a happy little girl!