CBBC Commercial – Noah Loiacono


Thank you for submitting me to the CBBC commercial last week.  I had a great time.  I had to travel to Watford after school on Thursday and all day I couldn’t manage to contain my excitement.  Some of my classmates were jealous that I was having a day off, but I was a little worried as I didn’t know what to expect.
I couldn’t sleep much (my dad said I slept on the way there, but it took us 4hours and I had been in school all day).
In the morning we got collected in a minibus and taken to where we were shooting.  I was worried about meeting the other people as I had never been on a shoot before.  But they were all so good and we had to wait around for a few hours but it didn’t matter as we had brought our games consoles and we were all playing together nicely. I had to pretend to play football in the field which I really enjoyed as we were laughing a lot.  It was such good fun.  I want to go again and hopefully will see the guys I met one day on another shoot.
The people shooting were brilliant too.  One of the people who was telling us what to do (I cant remember his name) was so funny and made us feel relaxed and forgot that we were being filmed.
If I could do that again, I would.  It was such a great adventure!