Victoria Modesta Music Video – Agatha Ward


Agatha had an amazing time filming for a music video.  She went straight into hair and make-up/wardrobe at 8:30 this morning (with her full English!) to be made up as a girl from the 1940’s.  She then went onto set and did a wonderful job of acting out quite an intense part which has really helped to showcase her skills.  She worked really well with her on-screen mum and lots of the crew including Saam the director  commented on how easy to direct she is, doing exactly as she is told.  She acted out her part a number of times from different angles and different cameras and didn’t barely have to re-take anything which meant she was finished by lunchtime and enjoyed a huge lunch in the production dining hall! This was a fantastic and unusual assignment and every single one in the crew were absolutely wonderful with her. Really looking forward to seeing the finished video as it looks like it could be quite spectacular! Thanks so much BK!

Kind regards,

Lisa Ward

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