Amelia R filmed her first commercial this morning for a baby milk company.  We arrived on set and were introduced to the key crew members and shown to the kids green room to make ourselves at home.  There were twins slightly older than Amelia in the green room and they all had a whale of a time playing with each other’s toys and generally toddling about.
As always, we attempted to keep the pretty dress Amelia had been given to wear in pristine condition.  However, for once this wasn’t necessary as Amelia’s job today was to play in a giant puddle of green paint on a lovely cream rug.  She happily obliged and within minutes was covered from head to toe.  The crew were great fun which was extremely good at focusing Amelia and in return she kept them busy chasing after her with an endless supply of wet wipes.  A brilliant first experience for a bizzykid budding starlet!