Save The Children – Willow Morris


We arrived at the location (a school in Bethnal Green) just in time for lunch.  Willow loved the catering bus!  It was her first experience of being on a bus, so I hope she doesn’t expect that on all buses lol!
After lunch, she had her hair & make-up done and changed into her costume – a school uniform.  We didn’t have to wait long before we were called to the set which was out in the school playground on a very warm, sunny day.  Willow’s filming mainly consisted of her playing hopscotch with some other girls.  She was a bit wobbly with her hopping to start with, but after a couple of hours she was quite an expert!
During filming breaks, she had candid photos taken for the campaign leaflets, etc.  She also continued to help herself to the abundance of food on offer!  
The crew were all lovely and Willow had a wonderful afternoon!

Kind regards,

Samantha Morris

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