Amelia R filmed her first commercial this morning for a baby milk company.  We arrived on set and were introduced to the key crew members and shown to the kids green room to make ourselves at home.  There were twins slightly older than Amelia in the green room and they all had a whale of a time playing with each other’s toys and generally toddling about.
As always, we attempted to keep the pretty dress Amelia had been given to wear in pristine condition.  However, for once this wasn’t necessary as Amelia’s job today was to play in a giant puddle of green paint on a lovely cream rug.  She happily obliged and within minutes was covered from head to toe.  The crew were great fun which was extremely good at focusing Amelia and in return she kept them busy chasing after her with an endless supply of wet wipes.  A brilliant first experience for a bizzykid budding starlet!


Freeview Commercial – Brodie Evans and Mum


After a 5am start we were happy to arrive on set for 7.20am to start the commercial for FreeView.
Today it was Mum and Brodie on set which was fun to do filming together.
After makeup,  hair and wardrobe were sorted we started filming,  our roles were background peolpe walking out of doors at a village hall jumble sale, so yes its our bottoms that could be seen on tv! We were made to feel very welcome and as part of the cast.  It may of been a long day but as ever Brodie (and mum!) had a great day and thank Bizzykidz for the amazing support and experience.
Photos= Brodie in hair and makeup, Brodie & Mum (after being mummified!)
Brodie enjoying the simple things in life, the catering van!
20140922_130438 20140922_075527 20140922_091414


Kidscape – Brandon Lopez

kidscape internet anti cyber bullying campaign
Brandon had a really great first shoot experience.  We arrived for 8.30am and met all the crew who immediately made us feel welcome and comfortable by offering us hot drinks and snacks.  Met the other kids taking part in the shoot and they were really nice young people, they all got on like a house on fire!
Moved from one location to the next and although the shoot took all day and we had a little rain, everyone was in high spirits and Brandon just kept telling me how much he was enjoying it.  It was a long tiring day but a really good day. All the crew were really lovely and looked after everyone.Regards,

On shoot


Allianz School Run – The Bush Family

Oliver, Leo and dad had a really fun afternoon with the Allianz school run today. Our car was rigged with cameras and sound equipments which the boys find very interesting. No script involved, just normal conversation and bit or arguing. The crew/director was very happy at the end of it and they quite enjoyed the ride through Richmond Park. They have all spotted deers! 

Sorry but Craig couldn’t take pictures as phone wasn’t allowed. I attached a couple of terrible pictures with the boys playing with one of the crew’s lovely little dog after the school run. 

Thank you Bizzykidz for a memorable afternoon! 

Oliver, Leo, Craig and mum xx

IMG_2031 IMG_2025


Save The Children – Callum Slatcher-Ball


What a great video this is, makes you sit up and think doesn’t it! And what a great job our lovely Callum did x


Callum’s latest viral advert! He had a really good couple of days filming this. The cast and crew were all lovely and looked after us both well. Very proud of both the finished product and being involved in such a powerful message.

Thank you all for an amazing opportunity xx