Freeview Commercial – Brodie Evans and Mum


After a 5am start we were happy to arrive on set for 7.20am to start the commercial for FreeView.
Today it was Mum and Brodie on set which was fun to do filming together.
After makeup,  hair and wardrobe were sorted we started filming,  our roles were background peolpe walking out of doors at a village hall jumble sale, so yes its our bottoms that could be seen on tv! We were made to feel very welcome and as part of the cast.  It may of been a long day but as ever Brodie (and mum!) had a great day and thank Bizzykidz for the amazing support and experience.
Photos= Brodie in hair and makeup, Brodie & Mum (after being mummified!)
Brodie enjoying the simple things in life, the catering van!
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