Allianz School Run – The Bush Family

Oliver, Leo and dad had a really fun afternoon with the Allianz school run today. Our car was rigged with cameras and sound equipments which the boys find very interesting. No script involved, just normal conversation and bit or arguing. The crew/director was very happy at the end of it and they quite enjoyed the ride through Richmond Park. They have all spotted deers! 

Sorry but Craig couldn’t take pictures as phone wasn’t allowed. I attached a couple of terrible pictures with the boys playing with one of the crew’s lovely little dog after the school run. 

Thank you Bizzykidz for a memorable afternoon! 

Oliver, Leo, Craig and mum xx

IMG_2031 IMG_2025


Save The Children – Callum Slatcher-Ball


What a great video this is, makes you sit up and think doesn’t it! And what a great job our lovely Callum did x


Callum’s latest viral advert! He had a really good couple of days filming this. The cast and crew were all lovely and looked after us both well. Very proud of both the finished product and being involved in such a powerful message.

Thank you all for an amazing opportunity xx




Thanks again to Bizzykidz and Ellas kitchen for another great opportunity for Grace. We travelled by train to Hyde park and filmed at e Speakers Corner.  Grace had a lot of fun, and even met Jen from Milkshake.

Thank you Bizzykidz.
Love from Grace x

image 2 image