Lloyds Bank – Georgia Barlow


Another day, another adventure……….

This time we had an afternoon call time so a much more leisurely start to the day.
We still allowed a 5 hr journey time and we had done the exact same journey the week before so was far more relaxed.
Georgia met a train driver who had finished his shift sitting on the tube
and that was it, Georgia was occupied for the 30 minute journey – see photo.

We go off at Kings Cross and had a leisurely lunch @ Costa – chosen by Georgia who was delighted as the manager gave her free marsh mallows!
Cab to set where we stayed for the next 4 hours.
This was a very different experience to the previous two, with this being a stills shoot.
Georgia worked very hard for an hour and a half and then had a little break before doing it all again.
It is so interesting to see everyone at work and the attention to detail with the lighting and props etc is just incredible but of course that takes time and I cant believe Georgia was so patient throughout all that process. Had a great roleĀ in this one and listened to everything the photographer said, taking direction so well, Its easy to forget Georgia is only 3 at times.
Once the photo was mastered, there was also a little bit of filming and some extra bits on the end as may also be included in the commercial.Georgia added her own little bits at one point and the photographer loved it.
I was tired out just watching and I had the easy bit well that is until the drive home when it was my turn to work and Georgias turn to have a well deserved sleep.
Really excited to see end result for this one, not long to wait – only a month.
One very proud mommy, the team were fabulous with Georgia and really looked after us.
Thank you BK, this was another amazing day and myself and Georgia love this time we share together xxxxx

IMG-20140828-WA0001 IMG-20140828-WA0002