CANCER RESEARCH – Georgia Barlow

Cancer Research Commercial

Well, I wasn’t expecting our second assignment so soon after the first and it all happened so quickly this job, it was a lovely surprise when we got the message on Tuesday.

Having learnt from my first experience of a 5 hr drive to London, today was completely stress free and very enjoyable.

5 am start, 2 hour drive, 1 tube, 1 cab and we were there for 9am. Georgia’s first experience on both the tube and in a cab and excited is not the word.

Arrived at location to be met by the same person that met us a few weeks ago at our first job so that was lovely as he remembered Georgia and vice versa and we even recognised one of the extras too.

we had some wait to start with as was running 1 1/2 hours behind but Georgia was entertained and again, I cannot believe how good everyone is with the children, it is so lovely and reassuring to see.

Georgia had her hair done  – something she never lets me do but when the make up lady did it, the hair stayed in place until bedtime!

Called onto set and Georgia got introduced to her new mommy, that was more strange for me I think but again the lovely Maria was just perfect with Georgia.

This was certainly very different to the first job a few weeks ago, very busy, alot going on and I wasn’t in it to hold her hand but Georgia did a really fantastic job and had great feedback from everyone involved.

We were looked after from start to finish and it really was a fantastic day, a real adventure and another great experience.

Thank you for another great experience BK

Lydia and Georgia  xxxx

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