Babies R Us – Scarlett Hale

Hi Dawnie
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Scarlett had a great time at the Babies R US shoot on Friday as did I, we have been told that photo’s should be in October’s catalogue and online very exciting and proud!
Thanks you once again, we took her down to her first trip to the seaside as it was only 15 mins away  – but she was asleep the whole time after her hard day in the office ! 
Once again we appreciate  the opportunities , it  will be great to show her when she is older



M and Co – Christmas shoot – Joshua Wood

Today was great! 
The team from M&Co were all so lovely, accommodating and fabulous with the children, and us Mums.

After an early start we arrived on time with Joshua refreshed and raring to go and greeted with a warm welcome. All the children got on well as so did us parents. 

They were very efficient and we got to work in no time at all. The children 
had fun and the photographers were great. One of them even got toy Ginger bread men for each child and told them a story to get their attention, the children absolutely loved it ! This was followed by throwing the Gingerbread on a count of 3 and cheering ! Again, they loved this!

I felt so comfortable throughout the morning and they made the children feel relaxed. Fun was had by all and it was all very sociable.

I can’t thank Bizzy Kidz enough for all their help. 
My first experience was a fantastic one. 

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