FORTITUDE – Jermaine Johnson

Jermaine Johnson had a great 3 days filming as a double for one of the main characters on Fortitude. We had our own driver and also on set we had our own trailer with shower, fridge, toilet and Tv. Jermaine also had a tutor which was he’s least favourite part haha. Everyone involved was so friendly and kind, we were treated so well and Jermaine was treated like a star! In Jermaine’s words, ” this is amazing, I will never forget this for as long as I live”. Thank you to Bizzykidz for this amazing opportunity, it has given Jermaine Memories to treasure for ever.
Jermaine is so excited! Thank you for everything, behind the emails and phone calls, I know how hard you all work to ensure our children get the best opportunities. Xxx


From Jermaine


I had so much fun filming as a double for Fortitude. It was great to meet Nicholas Pinnock ( my on screen dad) and all the other crew members and staff. Everyone made me feel comfortable. The food was amazing and so was the trailer. What a shame I had to have a tutor too! I feel very proud of myself and hope to get to do it again someday. From