Go Walkies TV Commercial – Zoe Isaaks

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Just few photos from Zoe’s commercial shoot. As you see she had fabulous time and enjoyed it a lot. 

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WALKERS DELL COMMERCIAL – Georgia and Lydia Barlow

An early start, up and out for 05:30 hours, after a very long journey in London rush hour, we arrived for our assignment, only to be met by a very young helpful man who lifted a hot, sweaty, jaded Georgia out of my car and into a waiting mini bus. Well, I have never seen Georgia so excited a) about the mini bus and b) her new friend – they became quite inseparable!
Georgia was happy so I was happy, we then went straight to a location for outfit change, make up and hair. Georgia got to pick between 2 x outfits and allowed the very lovely Tottie too dress her and Lauren to make her up – a little, more friends made by Georgia.
I also had my make up done and it was nice to be pampered!
After a short time, it was our time to shoot and after 6 takes and a matter of minutes it was all done. I was starting to get a little worried as it was approaching lunchtime and Georgia  was getting tired and hungry. However, each time they called action, Georgia literally sprung into action and did what she needed to do with no fuss at all.
Back on the mini bus to the base where we had a very lovely lunch and  Georgia enjoyed sitting on the food bus for lunch and seeing all the boats where we were sat up.
I didn’t know what to expect from our first job but it was definitely worth the wait. Georgia thoroughly enjoyed herself and entertained everyone and this was a great reminder of why I sent her photo off to BK 1 year ago and the thing that impressed me most was how well run everything was and how we were looked after. Everyone made such a big effort with Georgia and  I feel really lucky to have been given this opportunity.
Thank you to everyone at BK, in particular Dawnie who worked tirelessly to make this magic opportunity happen.
Please pass on our thanks to the client for letting us be part of this and looking after us so well.
Not sure when the advert is out but cannot wait to see it.
I’ve attached some photos of the day for you.
Thank you so much
Lydia & Georgia
IMG-20140716-WA0005 IMG-20140716-WA0009 IMG-20140716-WA0004 IMG-20140716-WA0007


British Seniors Insurance Shoot – Leo Stevens

Leo and I had a brilliant day at the British Seniors Insurance Shoot. It started off with the dreaded M25, an accident as always but we made it for Leo’s call time – just!! Everyone made us feel so welcome. Leo was whisked away to have his first wardrobe change which were pyjamas then straight on to hair and makeup before his first scene peeling and washing potatoes in the kitchen with his on screen Grandma. Then it was another wardrobe change, jean shorts and a shirt in preparation for the Family BBQ scene with Grandparents and Parents.They first took some family photos on the hammock then Leo followed direction in the filming enjoying lots of sausages when Ian the Director shouted “ACTION”! The crew then stopped for lunch and Leo had another wardrobe change before acting out a scene with his onscreen Daddy, pretending to be asleep on the sofa with him, then playfully waking him! Then it was another wardrobe change back into BBQ wear to act out the final scenes at the BBQ. More Sausages, plenty of “Cheers” with his glass of orange juice, with the final scene consisting of him squirting lots of Ketchup on his plate and joining in lots of family chit chat. A fantastic experience in the beautiful English sunshine, thank you Bizzykidz for the opportunity to create these memories! We can’t wait for the next; fingers crossed!!

End of a hard days work!

End of a hard days work!

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Talia and Tiarna thoroughly enjoyed their shoot! We had a warm welcome by the photographers who offered us refreshments and the girls loved being able to choose and model the designer wear. They were most impressed and excited when they got to have a little bit of make up on and nails done by a make- up artist!

Thanks again Bizzykidz x



Georgina and Asa’s amazing day filming has resulted in a great video for indie band from Birmingham, Peace. They were so happy to see the finished song and video-Peace have gained some new fans and the children have something permanent to treasure-thanks Bizzykidz for the unique and brilliant opportunity.xxx

Here’s the link