Here is the link to the completed video that Daniel Watts filmed in Manchester at the beginning of March. This was a two day assignment.  On day one we travelled by train to Manchester where we were met by some of the production team, along with some other cast members.  We went straight to a hotel where refreshments were provided while the wardrobe team fitted the school uniform that Daniel would be wearing.  The uniform is very similar to Daniel’s own school attire so he felt quite at home in it!
After that we were free for the rest of the day and were taken to the hotel where we were staying.  It was a sunny afternoon so Daniel and myself enjoyed a walk before our evening meal in the pub next door and we then watched some tv together before getting a good night’s sleep in ready for filming the next day.
After a hearty breakfast, we were collected and taken to the wardrobe trailer, close to the road where filming was taking place.  Daniel got on very well with the girl who was playing his sister and I had a lovely time chatting to his mum.  The morning was spent filming the scenes of leaving the house and going to the car and then leaving the house and walking up the road.  After a lovely lunch on the catering bus, it was back to the film set and Daniel and his “sister” filmed the last scene that they were required for which was opening the car door and climbing in.  It was then the turn of the older actors to play their part.  Daniel was officially finished for the day so after a sneaky pancake from the catering van (it was pancake day), we had a lift back to the station to get the train home.
Once again, thanks so much to Bizzykidz for another amazing experience and also some quality mum/ son time for Daniel and me.