Furniture Village

We arrived at the Furniture Village store in Bristol for the shoot and Daniel was taken straight to wardrobe where he was fitted out with a shirt to go with his jeans.  Daniel was one of the background artists, playing the part of a young son in a family visiting the furniture store.


We had a very comfy waiting area, a selection of sofas in a corner of the store, where we chatted with other background artists including Daniel’s on-screen parents.  Lots of snacks and treats were available for us to munch on while we waited to go on set.  Daniel’s “sister” Georgie – another Bizzykid – arrived and they hit it off straight away and enjoyed testing out the reclining chair.


It was quite a long wait while other scenes with the adult artists were filmed but at last came the time for the background family to do their part.  After a quick rehearsal, Daniel and Georgie were walking along with their mum and dad in the background, while other actors were acting out a scene choosing a sofa.  The director kept calling for the main scene to be filmed again and therefore the background family also had to repeat their part numerous times.  The children did not tire of this and their “mum and dad” commented on how brilliant they were.

After the scene was successfully filmed, the children were able to leave although we sneaked in a quick late lunch on the crew bus before the long drive home.


Many thanks to Bizzykidz, especially Dawn for this experience.  We were amazed at the number of people and amount of work involved filming a short ad.  As only background artists, we don’t expect to see them clearly but nevertheless will still eagerly be watching out for our kids when the ad is aired.