We have just returned from seeing ‘Once’ on its opening night at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End and couldn’t wait to write a review on it.

Frankly, if anyone had described it to me it really would not have been a show I would have booked tickets for. I am usually a Wicked, or Priscilla type of person, but think I have been converted….

What a truly amazing show this was! It began with a group of people singing, dancing and performing on stage as everyone was being seated. We actually thought they were a pre-performance entertainment group and even considered if they were buskers from the tube stations (albeit very good ones!). Then the lighting went down and the singers all changed position and the show began.

This show is an extremely moving love story between an Irish lad and a Czech girl….the standard of talent is one of the best I’ve personally seen and of course it was topped off for us when our lovely Gemma Loader came on stage for her performance. Again we were reduced to tears with a ‘proud agent’ moment…that’s twice now in a week as we had Daniel McCarthy in Priscilla last week to contend with.

This is a ‘must see’ show it really is, highly recommended and we might even go and see it again it was that remarkable.

Well done Gemma and good luck in the rest of your shows….performing up until August in the West End

Debi & Dawn




Oliver had a wonderful time today at the Domestos/Unicef shoot.   All the staff there were super friendly and helpful especially the photographer who had a lot of patience and was very funny too.  He got me to take a few snaps of Oliver (that close up one on the computer is one of the snap I took).   Oliver made many friends too with some of the other lovely children.   It was a brilliant and fun afternoon and the lunch provided was healthy and tasty.  Many thanks to everyone at Bizzykidz for this amazing opportunity.
Love Oliver, Bibi and Craig xx


Priscilla Queen Of The Desert – Daniel McCarthy

Yes we meet our kids and yes we know our kids very well, but nothing could have prepared us for Daniel’s performance this evening at the Wimbledon Theatre.

We decided to go and support Daniel in his show and visit a theatre neither of us had yet been too and wow what a night! Priscilla is an amazing show, better than expected and had us laughing out loud from beginning to end.

The costumes are amazing in this show (a must see!) and the songs are just fab (everyone knows them!). Every performer was as strong as the lead, packed with talent.

Then our Daniel McCarthy came out….he played the role of Benji, Jason Donovan’s son…and what a performance! He was a little star and captivated the hearts of the crowd. He sang a lovely duet with Jason towards the end and received a lovely loud cheer at the end from the audience when he came to the front for his bow.

As his agents we were so proud and almost in tears. We can only imagine how proud his family must be. The programme showing his picture and biog is a lovely keepsake for him to look back on in future years.

Very well done Daniel, keep up the good work on your tour. We hope to see you performing again soon!

Now we are looking forward to seeing our Gemma Loader appearing in ‘Once’ at the Phoenix Theatre on Monday. I’m getting quite addicted to this theatre going, although I never thought I would.

All in all, this is a brilliant show and one certainly not to be missed!



All went well at the Heart Foundation shoot, beautiful location, Parris met some new lovely friends also from Bizzykidz. It was a long day but we were supplies with endless amounts of food lol. The girls from Bizzykidz were all extremely well behaved you should be proud of them. We weren’t allowed into the area where they were filming so didn’t really manage to get any decent photos. Had to sign a confidentiality agreement also. Parris had lots of fun and it was great experience for her first shoot.
Thanks so much
Jo Mitchell



Aired for the first time yesterday, here are the stills from the new Birdseye tv commercial featuring our Zachary Di Palma and Joshua Mather, with Joshua providing voiceover too.