“This was our first experience on a commercial shoot for Ellie and myself (Mum). We had to leave really early but it was worth it. Ellie was really relaxed with the camera crew and Director.
They where all very friendly and helpful, location was great and easy to find. All was brilliantly organised and explained and very professional.
What a great experience for Ellie to look back on when she is older…. we had a great time.
Thankyou Bizzykidz for Ellie’s first assignment”


DISNEY – Ellie N and Elisha J

Thanks mums for the shots of the girls on set at their Disney shoot today! Looking forward to seeing the finished job!



what a lovely surprise!

My Dad was very pleased when he saw this advert in his newspaper the week!

It was a very relaxed shoot with a lovely crew (we were treated to lunch before our slot started) and the dog was a big hit with Oliver and Megan.
More memories – Thankyou.
Ruth x