We had a really good day today at the shoot.
We got picked up by a taxi and taken to the shoot, where we were welcomed by the film crew.  Siam got dressed by the wardrobe dept and had his hair flattened/made less spiky by make up dept.  We went on set and Siam was brilliant dancing and listening carefully to instructions.  Siam got given quite a lot of prizes for co-operating, (which was nice).  We were given lunch then back onto set and then a taxi took us home.  Siam fell asleep in the taxi, he had been full of energy all day.  I was very proud of Siam today for being so well behaved and doing as he was told whilst having fun in the process!
Thank you so much Bizzykidz you have given Siam such a fantastic opportunity and we have only been with you for a very short time (7 weeks!).
I have attached a photo of Siam in the taxi on the way to the shoot.

Deepa (Siam’s mum)