What a fantastic shoot this was for our lovely Chloe Knight. Here is a little diary of Chloe’s 3 day shoot from mum
Day one at Pine wood studios was spent in the holding room where Chloe met the other children on the shoot and this gave them all time to gel together.
Chloe bonded well with Holly and they became inseparable.
All the children were called onto set at 3pm and they had the most fabulous time in a winter wonderland of fake snow,snowmen and snowballs.
They all worked really hard and the crew appeared happy with what was achieved.
What an eye opener to the thespian world for Chloe and I.
Day 2
Chloe and Holly were not called ’till 2 whilst the other children who were featured worked from 9.
Chloe and Holly were becoming a little frustrated and at one point I thought that were not going to be called at all.
All the children again worked really well together but the numerous takes and retakes of the scenes were very physical on the children as they were all dressed in outdoor thick winter clothes.
We all left for the evening with exhausted very hot children.
Chloe took the opportunity to cool off with a dip in the hotel pool whilst I took the opportunity to cool of with a glass of wine.
Day 3 dawned with great excitement as only four of the children had been retained and there was hope that perhaps there would be a change of wardrobe and even a change of activity.
All the children were called at 9 and yes they all had a change of wardrobe and yippee a change of activity.
Still all background work but I am sure we will get a glimpse of them in one of the four commercials ,fingers crossed.
Our day ended with tears and hugs for Chloe as she left her friends and Pinewood studios behind.
What a fantastic 3 days and what an insight to such an interesting  life and Chloe has been bitten with the thespian bug.
Thank you BK for the opportunity and lets hope there are many more.