Dear Debi

Just a wee thank you  to you for inspiring Amelia SO MUCH!…

Tonight she was asked (as they personally knew she was with your professional agency) to model FOC for Charity – ‘Cry’.

They are doing a big drive on how basically to upgrade your charity clothes by putting art on them or turning them into something else. Two universities and schools exhibited their unusual designs. Amelia modelled for a graffiti t-shirt painting artist in a special workshop section. The auditorium  was 90% full and seated 1000.

Amelia and another nine year old wore t-shirts with the Cry tear drop emblem painted on..

“Debi says we have to do it like this!” “This is how you pose and turn properly!” “Debi says put your hands like this!”…..   she really did you proud and surprised the whole audience as she got a massive cheer!!

She absolutely nailed it!!   (And I don’t say that sort of thing often!)

So thank you again and see you in August!