Max had a fantastic time filming a commercial for Milch-Schnitte, a very popular cake in Germany!
First, we flew to Edinburgh, then had a long journey through the most beautiful Scottish countryside. We stayed in a lovely cabin overlooking Loch Eil near Fort William. The following day Max filmed the part of the commercial set in the mountains.
The crew were really nice, and Natalie who was playing Max’s mum was lovely too.
We were lucky with the weather, it stayed dry all day!
The next day, we flew to Hamburg to film the interior shots. It was filmed in a very big house, which was lucky as there were over fifty people working on it! The clients were very happy with everything, and Max also did a stills shoot the following day, which will go into magazines and onto posters at railway stations etc. Although the commercial won’t be shown over here, it will be on youtube, so we can get to see it.
Max’s voice won’t be heard, as they are dubbing it into German, but he did really well with his lines. The director was from LA, and he and Max had lots of fun talking about superheroes between takes.
It has been a fantastic experience, which I’m sure Max will remember for a long long time.