My day of pizza

It was an early start as the car to drive me and my mum to the studio came at 6:40.

It was a quick journey to the base where we had our breakfast but I was still half asleep. We then got on a Mini bus which took us to the house next door to the set (which was also a house) where I got my hair done and got changed.  I was then shown where the magic happened, the set, I was put where I was going to be sat, then me and my on screen sister got taken off to save our onset hours, where we talked to get to know each other, it was really interesting and we where good friends straight away, which may of been a good thing for the camera.

Now for the fun, Octavia (my on screen sister) and I went back onto the set where everyone but me had a plateful of potato wedges, chicken dippers and cheesy garlic bread. Then a man came out with a plateful of food gave me a slice of pizza which smelt so nice ( they gave me a slice to mix things up a bit I think) so here came the fist shoot and I couldn’t wait to eat the pizza so I took a bite ,it was delicious but for the next shot I had to chuck it in the bin, then they brought out a new slice of pizza and then I had the first bite of that one then chuck it in the bin, I must of done that like 20 times and had to look like it enjoyed it every time, whilst the others would just take a wedge or a dipper and I had pizza every time. It was then lunch so I got changed, went on the Mini bus and off we went to lunch. I had grapes for lunch as I had a load of pizza and needed something fresh and for dessert I had a fruit salad. Everyone got back on the bus and drove back to the set where I did one more shot to answer the door to the pizza guy and collect the pizza with excitement. That was the end of the day and it was a wrap.





Some fab shots of baby Jake on this link – well done honey x



Had some lovely feedback from all our parents and clients on this shoot yesterday. Well done kids and thank you for the snaps and message Hollie 🙂

Another great achievement by Bizzy ‘kidz’ on this one!

Hollie has had such a fantastic day! All the crew were so lovely, especially celia who made sure we were topped up with tea, drinks and snacks. When we arrived we all sat down for breakfast and all the kids got on really well. Soon after the kids got dressed and ready for their first section of the filming. One by one they went with the chaperone and came bouncing back. They all had fun filming on their own and in pairs. After lunch, Hollie and her “disney friends” as she called them, had lots of fun filming all together and us proud parents were able to watch which was lovely! A big thanks to all the production and crew, they made it a very relaxed and memorable day for all the kids.


What a lovely message to wake up to, thank you x


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for making Ellie’s workshop and photo shoot day a massive experience she will never forget and in her words Wicked!
The photos are amazing and I will defiantly be finalising payment and finishing the registration for her portfolio.
I am blown away with the quality of the picture and wow you sure deserve massive amounts of credit for your work. Superb

Many thanks.