We were lucky enough to have a shoot right next to the sea on a lovely summer’s day. The shoot was for E4 on a caravan site in Leysdown, not far for us to travel, we even had time to dip our toes in the sea.  We arrived in plenty of time and were most impressed when directed to wardrobe. It was in a massive lorry body complete with hairdresser type chairs and changing rooms.
Cameron was decked out in his outfit, introduced to some of the crew and then to the other children. Every one was very friendly. We mum’s had a lovely time sitting by the sea while the children worked really hard. The children played in an area of grass then were fed a delicious lunch before they started rehearsing their scene. They had to run around a caravan and down a strip of grass in animal masks. Luckily they were all fit as they had to run a fair distance lots of times.
I had been very worried the day before as Cameron’s tooth was very wobbly, then the morning of the shoot it actually fell out. I thought they would be upset he no longer looked exactly like his picture. It was quite a relief that my worrying was for nothing when they put the masks on them.
It was a long day, but lots of fun and every one was very encouraging and kind to the children.
The photo is Cameron on the beach before he changed into costume. We were too far away for pictures once they started filming.



Hi Shakeel Phillips here, todays the day i get to have my first photo shoot with Mothercare. Mummy gave me a big bowl of porridge in the  morning so that i was nice and full for my journey, it worked because i fell asleep and woke up just as we arrived. l got lots of smiles from all the ladies there and i sat on mummys lap and Esther made sure my skin and hair was camera ready she said i had perfect skin, thanks Esther.  l enjoyed meeting Vicky and Shelly who gave me a cool outfit to wear. Now it was my turn to have my picture taken, i wasnt sure of my surroundings at first but as soon as they tickled me under my chin {i love that} ,i was all smiles they made me feel so comfortable and at ease i even let the stylist hold me and show me what to do i liked her.  Sssh dont tell anyone but as i was modelling my last Autumn range outfit Vicky told my mummy that the photograper said i was his favourite and he kept calling me Cool Dude that really made my day, thanks BizzyKidz for this great experience, hope to be blogging again soon lots of love Shakeel xxx



I thought I’d let you know our 1st shoot with Bizzykidz for Winnie the Pooh packaging went really well. Noah was a start and coped incredibly well with the long journey and heat. We had quite am unusual request from the client for Noah to be tired and asleep for his shoot (I think usually clients want the opposite) and I worried how it might work or not but he was brilliant. When we got there, he was happy and awake for the client to take a few pictures and then he fell asleep and they were able to take more of him sleeping. The production team seemed very happy with the result and Noah got plenty of compliments. I’ve attached a pic of Noah all set for the journey to Nottingham. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any pics at the studio as they were shooting in the dark.



‘I received a phone call yesterday afternoon asking if Fraser was available today and would we be able to travel to Nottingham. This was very exciting as it was Fraser’s first job. The staff at Bizzykidz were brilliant (Daniella & Dawn) They answered the questions that I had due to being new to this. They sent me all the relevant information so we could find out way, and some hint and tips (very helpful). We set out on our journey very early this morning but were excited to be going to our very first job! Fraser slept most of the way so that he was fresh and ready for photos! When we arrived we were met by the photographer Andy, and the clients from Equator and Tomy. They introduced themselves and made me feel at ease, as I was very nervous! Fraser just wanted to explore straight away and did not seem nervous at all! They explained the plan of the shoot and I got Fraser changed and ready. We managed to get lots of photos of him with the Winnie the Pooh Giggle n play. The team there were excellent with Fraser and he seemed to like them all too. I hope that the clients got all the photos they needed. After the shoot we had some lunch and made our way home. The whole experience was fun and exciting. I thank everyone for making me feel less nervous and answering the many questions I had. Hopefully we will be offered more work so we can continue the fun!’
Thanks again



It was Dad’s turn to take the girls on their travels today, and all three were very excited.
The girls arrived on set and had the make up and hair done, first Gracie had to do some Christmas bit’s with her stand-in Mum in the morning, whilst Evie made friends with other children on set.
After lunch both the girls had their hair and make up re touch, and then it was back on set for both of them, to carry on doing ‘Christmas’ things.
The day eventually finished at teatime, after a quick bite to eat they were back on the tube to start the journey home.
Both the girl’s enjoyed themselves so much, here’s to another shoot together soon.
Thank you to all at BK headquarters, it was an experience for the girls that will never be forgotten.