Lexie  had a fantastic time filming for Halfods summer Tv advert campaign.
I am extremely proud of her as this was her first tv advert audition and she had to go back three times to audition for it.
The weather turned out quite Kind on the first day but not so nice on the second. It was very cold and all the children had to be in summery clothes.
There was a lot of waiting around and we were outside all the time as it was filmed in a country Park. The setting was beautiful. Lexie didnt mind waiting as there was so many little girls to play with and they all had bikes to play on.
It was very interesting watching the ad being filmed and it should be quite a funny advert.
Im not certain that Lexie will actually be in it as the smaller girls on bikes with stabilisers could not keep up with the bigger girls without stabilisers so they tended to film the older ones more. I think Lexie was the youngest girl there. The parents got to be involved as well being the cheering crowds which was fun.
By the end of the second day we were both shattered but had a very memorable experience and made some good freinds.
Thanks for giving us the opprtunity.
Tracy and Lexie x