“Today was so fun and enjoyable.  On my way, I was really excited and energetic! The staff were so kind.  They said nice things about me which gave me a big smile.  I’d love to do another photoshoot for Debenhams Company again!!! Thank you to all the staff I met and especially to Bizzykidz, you are great!” – Gianina N



carrefour – eva longmore

Eva had such a lovely time today shooting for Carrefour.  She did extremely well as was full of smiles for everyone.  She ded a few poses in nappies as well as enjoyed a bubble bath. Whats not to enjoy? Some lovely images were taken. Hope we get to see some





Here’s a link to our gorgeous Madeleine Shaw shots for Emma Tunbridge




Lexie  had a fantastic time filming for Halfods summer Tv advert campaign.
I am extremely proud of her as this was her first tv advert audition and she had to go back three times to audition for it.
The weather turned out quite Kind on the first day but not so nice on the second. It was very cold and all the children had to be in summery clothes.
There was a lot of waiting around and we were outside all the time as it was filmed in a country Park. The setting was beautiful. Lexie didnt mind waiting as there was so many little girls to play with and they all had bikes to play on.
It was very interesting watching the ad being filmed and it should be quite a funny advert.
Im not certain that Lexie will actually be in it as the smaller girls on bikes with stabilisers could not keep up with the bigger girls without stabilisers so they tended to film the older ones more. I think Lexie was the youngest girl there. The parents got to be involved as well being the cheering crowds which was fun.
By the end of the second day we were both shattered but had a very memorable experience and made some good freinds.
Thanks for giving us the opprtunity.
Tracy and Lexie x


Promotional shoot for new attraction being opened at Seaworld, Florida Wednesday 15th May 2013

We had a very early start for our shoot at St Pancras, up and out of the house by 5.30am in the car driving to Harrow to pick up the early train to Euston.  I must say every time I get on a train in London I’m quite glad we don’t have to do the ‘train run’ every day!  We were pleased to be given a seat on the train as it was heaving and standing room only.  Anyway as we stepped off the train it became apparent that I had to keep a very tight hold of Aisling as we were nearly caught up in the ‘zombie run’ I mean commuter traffic!!
Short walk down Euston Road and we arrive at the shoot. I was told to look for someone wearing bright orange jackets and low and behold at the bottom of the escalators was the 3D penguin promotion.  The crew and photographer were very friendly and Aisling went quickly to start posing.
It was a busy area as commuters were passing but Aisling kept concentrating even though she was being asked to move off the 3D imagine whilst members of the public had their own photos taken.
The only downside was Aisling had to wear a hat but as it was freezing it was actually a blessing.  Funnily though after two hours of photos we were finished and as we went into the toilets Aisling got her first glimpse of how she looked in her woolly hat…needless to say the hat was quickly removed with some mutterings of ‘I look a right geek’. !!  Thank goodness we were finished!
Oh to be a model what lovely things she is asked to do! Above all we both really enjoyed it and a bonus Aisling got to go back to school that day (I leave it to your imagine the face I got when I told her she had to go in).
Thank you Bizzykidz and Dawnie of course.