Hello my name is Lilly (see pic attatched) and I had my first photo shoot last week and I thought I would share with you my fun day.
It started with my mummy waking me up (yes I like my sleep) and getting me dressed and fed and off on the choo choo to the big smoke.
I was travelling in style in my Mummy’s baby body carrier so I could see everything that was going on.
It is the second time I have been on that noisey thing underground but I didn’t mind as I got to look at all the other people and see what they were wearing & doing. (Nosey like Mummy)
So we arrived at the studio with lots of smiles and people saying hello and making me and mummy feel very relaxed.
I was first to arrive and then other baby friends came with their mummy’s.
So I got changed into a white onesie and bib and was ready to roll.
My name was called and I went on set, it had white painted floorboards and lovely cushions, there was also  a massive umbrella shape thing.       I was given lots of toys to play with and i could still see mummy  and a lovely lady made sure I was ok sitting all by myself. This funny man taking the pics kept playing peekaboo with me…….I think he wanted my smiles 🙂 so I obliged.
It was so much fun playing with toys I don’t have at home.
After a short while I was allowed to have a drink of milk and my nappy changed while the other babies had there turn at playing with the toys. Mum then caught up with the other mums and I played on the carpet.
After a while my name was called again and this time I was playing with a pink bus with a little boy playing with a red bus…my picture was taken again by that funny man.
A toy mobile phone was then handed to me yo play with and it tasted quite yummy. ..I’m not sure if I was supposed to chew it but never mind…everyone was smiling at me. It was another milk stop and then my last take was sitting in such a comfy high chair….not like my bog standard one at home…….it was so well padded I could have sat in it all morning.
Every one said I had done really well and that we were free to go home. So once changed and freshened up mummy put me back in my little seat sling and off we trotted. I felt so tired after all my playing I fell fast asleep and before I knew it awoke back at home ready to play again.
Love Lilly x



Some fabulous feedback, comments, photos and above all, experiences yet again for our kiddies with several lucky little ones playing mini-me famous tennis players for an exciting shoot yesterday.
Here are a few comments and piccies from the day, see if you can spot the famous players (and the real one too!)
Oliver (and me!) had a brilliant time at this shoot. He was dressed up as a mini MacEnroe complete with huge wig & headband and there were other bizzykidz there also dressed as mini versions of sports stars. Oliver played a ‘beat the goalie’ game with Judy Murray, Andy Murray and another Bizzykid and had to storm off set just like MacEnroe used to. Can’t wait to see the finished product – sounds like a fab sporting campaign. Judy Murray asked for a photo with Oliver as MacEnroe was one of her favourite players! Have since seen this photo on Judy’s twitter and Andy’s facebook!!!!
Truly making unforgettable memories – thankyou to all at BK. xx

Flinn had a lovely time. All the kids were having fun and the other parents were all friendly. The film crew were lovely and great with the kids. Andy and Judy Murray have created a lovely concept and a day that will be remembered. Flinn said he loved the day.

The day was long but a fantastic experience and our first.  Joshua was a star and worked so hard, the crew and Andy Murray himself commented on Joshua’s enthusiasm and the ease at which he got into character.  The day consisted of still shots as well as filming.


Hi a photo of today’s shoot Dylan loved it especially as he was the mini pro Andy Murry cheers X

ps now he’s been inspired to start tennis so they did a good job lol x




As it was Ivan’s first experience we were not sure what to expect from it ! 9.30 am normally his bed time as well so was very worried how he will take it all 🙂  pleased to say all went very well 😀 he was full of beans and smiles. Camera men loved him and production team were lovely :)) very excited to see him in catalogue soon:)



I arrived onset at 11am ready for filming, having been told just two days before that I got the part in the advert having only been to one wardrobe casting! Before the shoot began we were all given breakfast, and luckily there were a few other cast members my age on set and we all got on really well. We were also given a roast dinner for lunch, and then we starting getting ready to film, changing into our costumes. We also had hair and make-up done, our foundation was even air-brushed on! We then filmed our scene for the advert with Swansea footballer Ki Sung-Yueng, and we had to scream when we noticed him playing football in the street. The shoot didn’t finish until about 6, so it was a long day, but totally worth it! Thank you so much to Bizzykidz for the opportunity!


NHS – Elisha Johnson

Lovely piccie sent to us today from our NHS client, this is of Elisha Johnson who was filmed at Bizzy Studios, using our film crew too. It is a still shot of a mannequin that appears in hospitals, Elisha actually moves and speaks with instruction. How cool is that??!!