What a fab shoot was had here with our lovely Reagan. Glad it wasn’t snowing!



Here are some scene shots of the filming of ‘keep this channel open’ video. Looks like he had a ball doing this one! Keep up the good work Dylan….very Bizzy boy!!



Harrison was really nervous before leaving to go to the shoot. We googled the model’s name and a big smile came over his face as he looked at her photo shots on the internet. She was beautiful. We left from our station in East Sussex at 9.37 and arrived well in time for his shoot, so stopped at a local cafe. We walked around the park for ages and eventually found the crew. They made Harrison feel really welcome and got him changed straight away. The look was a naughty school boy look and everything had to look big and scruffy on him, which it did. The crew then took Harrison off into the park where he had to act as a naughty school boy, laughing and poking his tounge out at the model, Wylie Hays. She was really good with him and kept making him giggle. The nerves soon went and Harrison became more relaxed, thanks to all the crew. Then Bradley and Tai arrived and went off to have a couple of photo’s together. The weather was cold and windy, but the boys where brilliant. They done as they was asked and not once complained.  Credit to us all, considering this was their first time for all of them. Tai went home after about an hour but Harrison and Bradley stayed until 5pm. we got home around 8pm. A long day, but worth it. Harrison loved the day and hasnt stopped talking about it. He cant wait until the next time. Harrison and myself want to say a great big thankyou for this oppotunity and look forward to more work. Thankyou Dawnie. Big hug’s and kisses Harrison and Sam xxxxx



What a delight to find Ellia upside down on the Carrefour website! Really pleased all of her hard work on the day finally paid off.

Proud Mummy: Louise Ross-Wood


Amicus Horizon shoot 6 & 7th March 2013 – Cameron Tofts

Cameron & I had a great time at the Amicus Horizon shoot. There was a really small crew & so everyone had time to talk to Cameron & show him new things. He done his first voiceover & had to learn to speak very slowly no mean feat for a 10 year old! Mum was delighted when the director said he had an enchanting voice, time to book in for a voiceover clip I think! Cameron loves the cameras they use & spent ages watching them setting up & then telling mum all about it, lots more jargon learnt & more certain he’d like to be a cameraman. Cameron & mum were given a stick of rock with the date the shoot willl be shown on, great for show & tell at school!

Thanks BK!