Our lovely Aman Birdy, Mia Pegoraro & Zachary Di Palma had a wonderful time in Covent Garden this morning for the Giant Easter Egg Hunt photoshoot…..

here are a few words for Aman’s mum

Covent Garden was full of big painted Easter Eggs which set a great backdrop for the GIant easter egg shoot. There was a huge chocolate Humpty Dumpty which fell and broke, and men dressed as soldiers.Aman tried to help fix Humpty with the soldiers. It was a beautiful spring morning and Aman thoroughly enjoyed himself and loved meeting and working with a new friend called Zachary. The production team were great with Aman too and Aman loved striking all the poses enjoying his morning adventure!


aww how cute!



Since Jonom joined Bizzykidz last November 2012, I have been really impressed by the sheer number of casting opportunities he has been forwarded for ( particularly as we were with an agency before you who were useless) resulting in 2 proper castings, the last one of which he got the starring role for a Bridgestone tyres promotional video…his first acting experience ever. The day started early on set and immediately we were put at ease by the friendly and accommodating staff at Fellow Productions who took care of our every need. Jonom was brilliant in his role and the director was excellent in bringing out the best from him. Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you Bizzykidz, with your support and guidance before the shoot, everything ran smoothly and it was  like a dream come true.  Let’s hope it’s the start of many more great opportunities for Jonom! xxx

Debi Schofield ( Jonom Schofield’s mum)
Shoot date: 27/3/13