What a delight to find Ellia upside down on the Carrefour website! Really pleased all of her hard work on the day finally paid off.

Proud Mummy: Louise Ross-Wood


Amicus Horizon shoot 6 & 7th March 2013 – Cameron Tofts

Cameron & I had a great time at the Amicus Horizon shoot. There was a really small crew & so everyone had time to talk to Cameron & show him new things. He done his first voiceover & had to learn to speak very slowly no mean feat for a 10 year old! Mum was delighted when the director said he had an enchanting voice, time to book in for a voiceover clip I think! Cameron loves the cameras they use & spent ages watching them setting up & then telling mum all about it, lots more jargon learnt & more certain he’d like to be a cameraman. Cameron & mum were given a stick of rock with the date the shoot willl be shown on, great for show & tell at school!

Thanks BK!