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This was Max’s first ever shoot so we were very nervous when we arrived. I had been told at the casting that the scene they wanted max for today was with him sleeping, so I made sure I had changed his routine around so he’d be ready to sleep within half an hour of arriving. The crew were great and very welcoming, the set was this amazing 4 storey townhouse which was vast, so max and I set ourselves up downstairs with his toys and had a play and chat to everyone on set. They didn’t need Max for another 4 hours so by this point he was falling asleep in my arms, although when he was put in the cot with all the crew and cameras around he just lay there giggiling! After a very long day he started to get tired and grouchy so they got the shots they wanted and we were done for the day.

The next morning we left bright and early, there were a few more older babies there today so it was a bit more chaotic! Max had a little sleep in his buggy then he was called downstairs for his scene. It was supposed to be his 1st birthday party and he wore a very cute little cone hat and was fed a cream cake by his pretend daddy. This was the first time he had ever tasted a cake and he absolutely loved it, he had the crew on stitches as his little legs were kicking around with excitement when the cake came towards him. There was a heart stopping moment when he made a grab for the lit candle though!

Max was then given the highchair he was in for the shoot and the lovely lady from Kiddicare put us in a cab home.

Although exhausting we both thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and can’t wait for the next one! Thanks!

Nicky & Max