After arguing with myself for hours we finally decided to drive to Max’s barclaycard shoot, train delays and the weather being freezing cold did help my decision!

We arrived very early and were instantly greeted with the words ‘can I get you a cup of tea!’ Everyone was so lovely! There was another little boy there a few months younger than max when we arrived who must have been the friendliest baby I think I have ever seen, this baby would not stop smiling! Max got changed into a lovely light blue sleepsuit which meant he couldn’t crawl around the studio floor anymore so I kept him entertained by pointing out the big red buses driving past below.

After 20 mins or so it was Max’s turn, he had to sit in a highchair and smile, giggle, laugh and cry for the photographer! The aim of the shoot was to capture 4 emotions from very sad to very happy, after 5 minutes max got a bit bored but the photographer told me to let him get upset for a minute! This was hard but after a minute or so we had a break and Max’s milk made him feel better.

After a short nap we were ready to go again and Max found it hysterical when mummy waved furiously at him from behind the photographer while jumping up and down and repeating the word ‘shoe!’ There must be a niche in the market for videoing parents during these shoots!!

We then had some lunch and had our last shot in the highchair which was great fun, the staff were all absolutely lovely and we both thoroughly enjoyed our day out.

Max was one of 3 babies on set so fingers crossed he’s chosen! Thanks again for this lovely opportunity.