Hi Bizzykidz

When I walked in at 9am, I knew it was going to be a great day. I was so excited! The crew were lovely and the 2 boys I was shooting with were really friendly. I got shown to ‘wardrobe’ and tried on my clothes, they were awesome! (and I got to keep them). Then I had my makeup and hair done. Sitting in the Green Room, they called my name to go to set. WOW!!! The studio was the best ever! There was a cave which was all dark and misty, I just wanted to explore. We had to walk through the cave shining our torches looking for bugs and other things around us, it was so much fun! We then had to look through the Wonders of Nature magazine in the cave and act surprised at all the bugs and interesting facts on the pages. I would love that magazine, it looked so interesting! After a long day and lots of “action” and “cut”, the job was done. I was so sad it was over, I never wanted it to end! The crew were lovely and I met 2 new friends. I can’t wait to see the advert when it’s finished. It was an awesome day!!!

Ellie x