Hi Bizzykidz
We had a fantastic day shooting the Christmas advert for Sainsburys! The production team were fantastic and looked after us so well. The boys were playing the same role as a toddler sitting down to dinner with their Mum, Dad and older brother. The older brother then decided to clear the dinner plates from the table much to his family members surprise!
They chose to film Trey in the morning and although it was a long couple of hours of filming with different takes from different camera angles, Trey was excellent! He smiled, laughed and joked with the cast and crew the whole time!
They then filmed Tyler in the afternoon and although he was a little more cautious and serious, he too did a great job in playing the role. The director was very patient in allowing me to settle Tyler when he got a little fussy.
Overall the experience was fantastic and the boys did so well that the shoot finished an hour earlier than expected. The director mentioned this was a credit to how good the boys had done!
The advert started airing on Tuesday 13th November and my family, friends and I are thrilled to see the boys on the big screen!
Thank you again Bizzykidz, such a fantastic experience
Link of the advert is here: http://youtu.be/VW-9s8bDD78