Where can I start? What a fantastic time Cameron( & I) had. It was an amazing experience & he learnt so much, he got to film with all types of cameras, the highlight being when the camerman ran behind him as he pretended to be a flying plane! His ‘family’ were so nice & ‘dad’ was super cool! Everyone from the runner to the director were fantastic & spent time explaining to the children what was happening.Watching him on set was amazing, he certainly was at home. I had to keep asking him what all the jargon meant & he delighted in educating me! We have a bunch of memories starting from the huge smile on his face when he saw the hotel he was staying in to the moment he gave his ‘dad’ a man hug goodbye. For me I must have looked like a cheshire cat when the client said to me we couldn’t be more pleased with the children!  Thanks BK from Cameron & I because this will stay with us forever.
Janice Tofts