Debenhams Photoshoot

Lexie went for her third Debenhams shoot this week. It was extremely tough for her as it was a 3.00pm – 6.00 pm time slot. She has only just started school and normally comes out at that time shattered. I fed her m and ms on the way to try and perk her up. This seemed to work as she ended up doing a fantastic job she was a bit tired to start with but soon got into the swing of things by the end of the session she was really having fun with the photographer and the dressing lady who were playing games with her she even read her her magazine at the end. She really enjoyed herself again and especially liked that she could do drawing on the floor as they had put big sheets of paper down for them to draw on. We were exhausted on the way home and did not get in till 7.30pm but it was worth it and a good day was had by all again.
Here are the some of the end results of her shoots on the Debenhams website. They are on there already just after a few days.
Thanks again
Tracy Main


MMMM DANONE! – Danette Commercial featuring Millie Dallender

After taking part in Danette’s tv commercial in December last year, we were really surprised when Millie was invited back to take part in another advert, this time pictures for billboards across France. Millie was pleased to see that Brian who played her “Grandad” was back too, he was brilliant with encouraging Millie so the photographer could get just the right shots. She had a lovely time and particularly loved having her hair done, the only thing she wasn’t keen on with the desert she had to eat for the pictures, but didn’t tell anyone until they had nearly finished!



The Singalongz ads featuring our Amelia & Khanyi are finally complete and the ‘online’ versions are now live on YouTube. Check out the links below, they are fab!

The ads will be on air from Saturday on all UK Kids channels for the next 6 weeks!

Singalongz – V1 and V2 will rotate evenly throughout the campaign. You may not see V2 until mid next week.

SINGALONGZ by Wow! Stuff – Friends that sing along with you – Official Commercial
ATTACKNIDS by Combat Creatures – The Ultimate in Battling Robotics – Official Commercial



Where can I start? What a fantastic time Cameron( & I) had. It was an amazing experience & he learnt so much, he got to film with all types of cameras, the highlight being when the camerman ran behind him as he pretended to be a flying plane! His ‘family’ were so nice & ‘dad’ was super cool! Everyone from the runner to the director were fantastic & spent time explaining to the children what was happening.Watching him on set was amazing, he certainly was at home. I had to keep asking him what all the jargon meant & he delighted in educating me! We have a bunch of memories starting from the huge smile on his face when he saw the hotel he was staying in to the moment he gave his ‘dad’ a man hug goodbye. For me I must have looked like a cheshire cat when the client said to me we couldn’t be more pleased with the children!  Thanks BK from Cameron & I because this will stay with us forever.
Janice Tofts


KIDDICARE – George Rampton

Hi Debi

Firstly thank you for accepting George into Bizzykidz. I love the way that lots of the parents chat to each other, we feel part of the family already.
And thank you for his first job!
George had a brilliant time at his kiddicare shoots, lapping up all the attention. He was more than happy to have his photos taken with his very glamorous pretend Mummy! He was photographed with all sorts of products from baby walkers to a back carrier outside on his pretend Grandad. The team were very impressed with the amount he smiles directly at the camera especially having to look past some of the toys in front of him. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I can’t wait to see the images kiddicare choose,
Charlotte xxx