Hi Debi.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for putting Isabella forward for the Tree House job. She absolutely loved the whole experience and was in her element in a ‘real life’ studio, learning how a film comes together. Personally, I still keep chuckling at the memory of her face when she was told she would be going up to ‘hair and make-up’….how thrilled was she?!!…priceless!
There was a lot of waiting around (as I imagine is usually the case!) but it just meant she had time to play and chat with the other kiddies, including the other BizzyKidz who were lovely.
Thank you again Debi.
Kind regards,



Hi Debi
Here is the link to Raifes TVC for the blog. Raife had an amazing day at the studios everyone was very nice and a pleasure to work with.
For 30 seconds of film we were amazed at how much was involved!
The youtube clip has so far had over 6000! hits before we saw it!
Thankyou for giving him the opportunity hopefully more will follow!!!


KIDDICARE – Alfie & Bailey Quintin

Thanks so much for sending both my boys Bailey and Alfie Quintin to Kiddicare yesterday.  They both did really well.  It was Alfie’s very 1st shoot and for Alfie’s scene he had to sit under a table and pull stuff out from a handbag and put lipstick all over his face and play with makeup and keys etc and then get up and run to the garden.  He did it every time exactly what they wanted and they all laughed and clapped and said the scene was really funny and were so pleased.  And my partner stayed with Bailey for his scene and he said he also did really fab and got the scene they wanted and the crew did him a high 5 at the end lol.  He had to dress up with a crown and a cape and a badge as if it was his Birthday and then run with another little boy when called.  My two little stars in an advert together, brilliant!
Jo Graham


IROBOT-Ben & Joshua Lim

Hi Debi,
Ben and Joshua had such a fun shoot today for the IRobot. They were already excited about the mention of a “Robot” despite me explaining repeatedly that no, it is not the movie, no you will not get to see Will Smith, no it is not that sort of robot!

IRobot is a clever vacuum cleaner that moves on its own, sensing dirt and water (for this new version) and doing the job by itself. I’m sure some of us have seen pictures of it before.

Anyway, the shoot was done in a beautiful house in London. There were big trucks outside, tons of equipment everywhere and at least 20 staff on set, but everyone was friendly and the boys were really well looked after. They went for wardrobe change and a quick “makeup” and then waited for their shot in their own “filmset” chairs.

The director really likes the boys since he saw them at the casting, and even played with them in the garden during the break. Ben brought his teddy too(everywhere these days!) and now even teddy gets to be featured for the shoot! The boys did 4 takes and the director got what he wanted so it was a wrap! We were sent home in a nice taxi and Ben got to keep his whole outfit. How nice is that? If only they gave mum one of those “robots” …..

Thanks Bizzykidz for the opportunity as always!
Serene xx



Hi Bizzykidz

Veisa enjoyed both days shooting for Debehnams. It was a lovely experience , thank you so much for the opportunity.