KIDDICARE – Alfie & Bailey Quintin

Thanks so much for sending both my boys Bailey and Alfie Quintin to Kiddicare yesterday.  They both did really well.  It was Alfie’s very 1st shoot and for Alfie’s scene he had to sit under a table and pull stuff out from a handbag and put lipstick all over his face and play with makeup and keys etc and then get up and run to the garden.  He did it every time exactly what they wanted and they all laughed and clapped and said the scene was really funny and were so pleased.  And my partner stayed with Bailey for his scene and he said he also did really fab and got the scene they wanted and the crew did him a high 5 at the end lol.  He had to dress up with a crown and a cape and a badge as if it was his Birthday and then run with another little boy when called.  My two little stars in an advert together, brilliant!
Jo Graham